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Personal information Citizenship: Austria
born: 1966 in Lienz (Austria)
Professional Activities

2002 - today, PAYBACK GmbH, Munich
Data driven problem solving (in R)

  • Logfiles and JMX data of Java springboot microservices and Oracle Weblogic
  • Logfiles and Servermanager in Oracle Siebel
  • Oracle database workload repository and session history
  • Linux: sar, lsof, process and socket stats; ebpf coming soon
  • Networks: Netflow and SNMP Data, PCAP/tcpdumps
  • Fraud Analysis
  1999 - 2002 Norcom AG, Munich
Head of Security Software Quality Assurance
  • Built up a QA department (10 employees) from scratch; head of department
  • Design and construction of test networks (hard- and software)
  • Development of complex test scenarios with emphasis in the areas security and performance for access management software in
    • heterogenous enterprise networks (WinNT/2000, Solaris, AIX, HP/UX, Sinix-Z)
    • web server parcs (webserver, J2EE-applicationsserver, directory services, database systems, packet filters and proxies)
  • Introducing quality control (reviews, guidelines, coaching) for software development
  • Head of automated test development (Java/J2EE, JUnit/HTTPUnit, various scripting languages)
  • Organisation and execution of internal acceptance tests, release responsibility
  • Organisation and execution of pilot installations and customer tests
  • Advisor for all departments regarding security, network and web technology as well as methods for quality control and quality assurance
  • Responsible for customer audits (e. g. TMap/TIP test process audits)
  1996 - 1999, IWR, University of Heidelberg
Head of turbine optimization project (post-doc)
  • Main organisation of the project Shape optimization for turbine and compressor blades
  • Requirement analysis in collaboration with the industry partners ABB Kraftwarke AG Baden (CH) and Motoren- and Turbinenunion (MTU) München
  • Implementation and adaptation of the optimization methods developed at IWR to the design software used by the industry partners
  • Development of test cases in collaboration with the industry partners, software integraton and pilot installation for the partner enterprises
  • Project presentation for the research effort Arbeitsgemeinschaft Hochtemperatur-Gasturbine (BMBF) and for the partner enterprises
  • Publication of the results
  • Teaching (lectures, seminars) at the University of Heidelberg
  • Coordination of research group presentations
  1992 - 1996, AVL List GmbH, Graz / Austria
Research project fuel injection (Ph. D. thesis)
  • Feasibility analysis of physical models for the investigation of fuel properties in fuel injection pipes and orifices by means of measurements and numerical simulation
  • Parameter estimation for PDEs software development
  • Publications
  1991 - 1992, Erzherzog-Johann-University, Graz/Austria
Computer-aided parameter estimation (diploma thesis)
  • Implementation of special nonlinear constrained optimization methods for parameter estimation in boundary value problems
  • Evaluation of the results for research purposes
Education 1992 - 1996, Erzherzog-Johann-University, Graz/Austria
Ph. D. studies of Technical Sciences
  • Application of nonlinear parameter estimation methods to the development of physical models for fuel injection systems (diesel, dimethyl ether)
  1985 - 1991, Erzherzog-Johann-University, Graz/Austria
Studies of Technical Mathematics
  • Investigation of special nonlinear constrained optimization methods and their application to differential equations
Non-profit activities 1994: Main organiser of a concert tour (Graz University Chorus) to the United States (14 concerts in New York, Washington DC, Hattiesburg, Thibodaux, Houston, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and San Francisco)
  1988 1991: Organisation of "One-World" Projects
Foreign Languages English fluent
Spanish good
Italien good oral command
French basics